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  On the Lightform group page there's a lot of chat about the discontinuation of the LF1 and its replacement with a LF2 that is integrated with a projector.

I'd like to know what this means for us current LF1 users, the Pro version of creator that we're waiting for and if the LF1 is still going to be fully supported. 

I'm very concerned that LF1 support will dwindle to the point that it'l never be completely working as promised.


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    Hi Chris,
    We've got an update going out Monday evening to all customers on the new hardware solutions. We will post the announcement here as well. In the meantime, I can reassure you that:
    * The Lightform Creator software will drive all the Lightform hardware solutions. Think of Lightform Creator as the operating system running on multiple versions of hardware, integrated directly into a projector, or placed on top.
    * If you have LF1, you will continue to receive Creator updates for free each month. We will continue to release significant feature updates to Creator which apply to all hardware devices, and we have an aggressive 2019 roadmap for Creator, including launching Creator Pro.
    * LF1 will be fully supported, and we will be providing a new product that is feature compatible with LF1, so you can scale your solutions on similarly spec'd hardware and continue to use any projector.
    * The LF1 units shipping this month have the WiFi module included, and are fully functional.
    I want to thank all our early adopters for believing in Lightform, and we will update you tomorrow with more specifics around the new hardware.
  • I second Chris's concerns 

  • Thanks Brett for that reassurance.


  • very concerned! 

  • Hi all, as Brett mentioned, we are fully committed to continuing support for the LF1 and Lightform Creator. See more info here

  • thank you Lightform team !

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