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I would like to request that the pen tool be changed to behave more like the pen tool in Photoshop.  With Photoshop, you can create an anchor point, drag out the handles to create a curve, then option (alt on Windows) click the anchor point to make the trailing handle disappear...thus making it easier to continue the path on either a straight like or another curve without altering the previous line/curve. The way the pen tool is set up in Lightform Creator it is very laborious to draw complex paths with a lot of small curves.  I know that there is a way to do it - by placing a point, then  ALT/option+Click+Drag on the anchor point to create one handle at a time, then ALT/option+Click+Drag on a handle to edit one handle at a time.  But again that makes it much more labor intensive, as well as if you are making very small curves it becomes extremely difficult to try to edit the trailing handle back down to the center point. 

Hopefully my explanation makes is a hard concept to try and describe.  Thanks.


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    Hi Lance, thanks for the input. Our pen tool is intentionally designed to be a bit different from Photoshop's but we are definitely missing that feature (and a few others)! However, in the next release, it will be much easier to reset unwanted handles by double clicking on them. Hope this helps make editing a bit easier. 

    Thanks for the input and challenging us to keep improving Lightform. Keep the requests coming. 

  • A company that actually listens and responds to its customers? Bravo!!! And I can’t wait to see the next release!

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