slides with too long titles . . .


I encountered a little problem with my last project which would not play on the LF1 . . . just a red flash after hitting play. This project has 31 slides which were duplicated and edited: I didn't change the names of the layers so the software automatically named the slides "copy of copy of copy of copy . . ."  - the slide names got longer and longer and at some point the LF1 couldn't parse them. 

Once I renamed them sequentially the project rendered and played just fine.

What is the character limit for a slide?


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    Thanks for flagging this Glenn. I just reported this and we will have it fixed in our next release. 

  • Glen, I had the same problem last night, I had about 50 slides and most of them were duplicated, I didn’t know that the slide names become this long. When I  tried to publish the project in the end it would not project, even so it did so in the beginning stages. I did send in a bug report , but did not hear back yet.

    Thanks for the tip to shorten the names , will give it a try tomorrow.

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