Slide duratoin and dessolve / wayfinder option / add effects to font


Hello, questions for you::
1. How do I make slides longer? They are only 10 sec long? (I do not want them to end)
- or - how do I prevent slides from dissolving to black between slides (I do not want this break to be seen)

2. I do not see any instructions on how to create the "wayfinder" you promote on your website (one of the reasons I bought your product) - how do I create these?

3. How do I animate a "line" to follow or trace an area?

4. How do I add effects to font (just the font only - not the surrounding area)

Thank you!


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  • Each one of these really should be a separate question/post, but here we go...


    1) Select the slide to want to change (Bottom of Screen), then under "Slide Properties" (Right side of screen) set "Slide Duration" to what you want.

    2) You need to create the digital content (like in the link) to direct people and then simply load the content (probably a video file) and then project on what you want.

    3) You can use FX such as "Tron" or "Rainbow Edges" to quickly create animated lines.  If you want more control than a quick fix, you will need to create specific animation in a program such as After Effects and then import video into Creator as an asset.  To create the lines to follow specific objects, is a technique used in "normal" projection mapping that requires time and multiple disciplines to learn.

    4) You can not add FX to a font at this time.  However, you can add an effect either over or under the Text in the same structure/layer and adjust the "Blend Mode" as you would in Photoshop or After Effects to get animated FX on your text.  It's trial and error to get an effect that you will like.


    Hope that helps

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