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Hello Im a brand new user. Exciting to see designed AND made in San Fransisco I cant lie. My first question comes as Im trying to mount the LF to my projector. There is an angled aspect that prevents the bracket from being able to get directly over the projectors lens. This is also not a "standard" projector so I now am NOT using adhesives to mount but am instead using masking tape until I determine if I need to invest in another projector.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Hey Dennis! Welcome to the Lightform community, excited to have you. 

    Using tape to temporarily secure the Lightform and do a trial scan is a good technique. Please do be careful though as to not drop or damage your LF1 when doing this. 

    Can you list your projector name and model number? That can help us provide more helpful tips. In the meantime, you can check our Minimum Requirements here and see how to fine tune the LF1 mounting here. 

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