LF1 Kit - Projector is constantly slanted.


I'm having a hard time getting the projector to appear even when projecting onto a wall.  No matter what adjustments I make to the stand, the projector is still slightly slanted.  Is it possible that the stand that came with my kit is defective?  


  • Hey Skyler, could you share a picture or video of what you are referring to and elaborate a bit on what you are trying to do?

  • Please see attached image - I built the kit according to directions, however when I go to scan, the projection is slanted.  I have tried adjusting the projector, the stand etc.  and cannot get the projector to be in a position where the image is not slanted.  

  • Hey Skyler, a couple of things to check if you think your tripod might be defective:

    Do the legs slip when the leg locks are tightened?

    Does the tripod plate (the part with the cork on top) sit level in the tripod head and does it wobble when you lock it down?

    The tripod has a bubble level to help you set the legs at an even height. If the bubble level is telling you the legs are level but the image is still slanted I'd inspect the plate and the head of the tripod and make sure those aren't loose. Panning the tripod left and right and checking if the image height changes as the tripod rotates will also tell you if the plate is level or the legs uneven.

    In general I've found that that the easiest way to adjust for a slant like this is by setting one leg at a 90 degree angle to the direction you are aiming the projector and adjusting the length of that leg only. 

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