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Currently, there is only one option in transitioning slide to slide (fade in and fade out). This is very limiting in that everything feels like a slide show instead of being able to create quick, snappy transitions.

-- MVP: add a toggle that allows for no transition whatsoever (immediate movement into the next slide)

-- Feature: Add different options to transition from slide to slide

Additionally, it's kind of brutal the minimum slide time is 1sec. Can you please:

-- Shorten minimum slide time to between 0 and 1 sec (entered in .1 sec increments).

-- Imagine I wanted to create a strobe effect across different layers -- that is currently impossible (it fades in/fades out, and then needs to wait a second)

Priority: High


  • Official comment

    Hey Nick, we couldn't agree more about the need for more flexible slide transitions. Expect to see some more options here sooner rather than later. 

    We are actively working on the MVP you proposed: "MVP: add a toggle that allows for no transition whatsoever (immediate movement into the next slide)"

    We hadn't considered shortening the min slide length but we should definitely consider it for the use case you described. There might be some limitations here based on how we implement this. 

    Thanks for these detailed feature requests. These are great. Please keep it coming. 

  • Update: Perhaps this is done when the video is rendering, so the toggle would simply override the default settings for rendering slides together in sequence.

  • I would like to add that when you use the fade in (or fade out) feature, it appears to re-render the entire scene, fading in all elements. If I am progressively adding items with each slide, building a scene (or letters to spell a word), I don't want the existing images from the previous slide to blink and then fade back in again which is what happens now.

  • You want a cross fade. Me too.

  • Yes, a cross fade...duh! Words are hard. :(

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