LFC Camera Optical Zoom & Focus

The team at Kurokesu offers various optical products and DIY kits for cameras, including a lens rework kit for the Logitech BRIO, the same camera that ships with the LFC.


This rework kit allows you to mount any off-the-shelf C or CS-mount lens to your BRIO, allowing you to change your camera's optical zoom. Specifically, this allows your LFC kit to be compatible with nearly any projector, provided you have the right camera lens, not just those with throw ratios of 0.5 - 2.0.

The diagonal field of view (FOV) of the BRIO is 90 degrees, roughly matching to a projector with a throw ratio of 0.5. Although projectors with a throw ratio up to 2.0 are supported, the higher the throw ratio, the smaller the projected image will appear in the BRIO camera, meaning scans will slowly go down in quality as the throw ratio increases. Up to throw ratio 2.0, the scans will still be high quality. Still, as you get much higher (3.0-4.0+), scans will likely look blurry or low-resolution because the projection occupies very few pixels in the camera image.

By attaching a different lens to your BRIO via the Kurokesu lens rework kit, you can find a lens that matches more closely to the throw ratio of your projector, including using a zoom lens to optimize your scans for multiple projectors. You can also attach a wide-angle lens for compatibility with ultra short throw projectors (0.2-0.5 throw ratio).

Lens Rework Options

You can purchase the lens rework kit here. By default, the "Kit Only" product is a DIY kit that requires some basic electrical experience and tools, including a soldering iron. The kit also comes with step-by-step instructions.

However, if you select the "Logitech BRIO + rework" option, you can get the entire assembled kit (plus a BRIO) delivered to you with no setup required. This is much more expensive but includes a BRIO as part of the price.

Note that the kit does not come with a lens. Any C or CS-mount lens should work with the kit, though, and are available at many optical stores online. Kurokesu does offer several CS-mount lenses available as well, including:


In this example, we took two scans: one with the standard BRIO and one with a reworked BRIO using the lens kit above to highlight the differences. The projector used had a throw ratio of 1.2, which is well within the supported range of 0.5-2.0, but since we can optically zoom and focus on the scene with the custom lens, the scan results appear more clear and crisp.

Original BRIO


Reworked BRIO


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    John Meehan


    Have you found the need for the IR Cut filter?  Does it make a difference in the quality of the scans?

    I just did the rework and didn't include the filter, and see that the camera images are now reddish when checking with the Logitech application. (The camera also no longer has the Auto White Balance function, since it's disconnected during the process. The Logitech app has a manual slider for setting the white balance).

    Also wondering about the manual Iris setting on the lens, any tips?