Use Transition Effects for Sequencing

Use the Transition Wipe and Transition Fade built-in effects to create richer animations within your Lightform projects. We added these effects in Creator version 1.11.13 to give you more control over animations and sequencing.


  1. Transition Fade
  2. Transition Wipe
  3. Using Transition Effects in your projects

Transition Fade

This effect blends between two colors, but the real power of the effect comes when coupling it with blend modes, as shown in the project attached below. For example, setting the start color to rgba=(0,0,0,0), and the end color to rgba=(255,255,255,255) will animate between transparent and white. If you attach this to a video or effect using the "Inherit alpha" mode, the content will animate between transparent and full-opaque content.

Transition Wipe

Transition Wipe is a more configurable version of Transition Fade. Instead of fading equally across all pixels, you can set the "type" of transition to things like "Horizontal Wipe" or "Circular," and so on. For the best illustration, give this effect a try inside Creator.

Using Transition Effects in your projects

This sample project is used in the examples below:


Example 1: Animations

By adding transition fill or wipe effects to your content, you can make the content appear, disappear, "wipe," and so on, based on the start/stop settings in the transition effect:

Each of these effects is within a surface with one content video and one transition effect. The content (video layer) has "Inherit Alpha" enabled, as shown here:


The Transition effects have their settings set based on the animation we are trying to achieve (here, showing content left to right). For reference, this example is in the project attached above.


Example 2: Cross Dissolve

Transition effects can be used for many other scenarios; another common one is to achieve a "cross dissolve."

The same idea of enabling Inherit Alpha with a transition effect is applied here as well; just the second (bottom) content does not have a transition effect. So, over the duration of the slide, one video will "dissolve" into the other. You can find this example in the project above.


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