How do I connect my Lightform on a corporate or university network?


Sometimes corporate or university networks use unsupported captive portal networks. 

  • Captive portal networks are networks like you find at airports, hotels, coffee shops, or corporate/university networks that use 802.11x. e.g. xfinitywifi, googlewifi. On these networks, you are asked to sign in on a web page, before you can connect.

Lightform devices do not work with captive portal networks. To connect to your Lightform, you must use a supported network type.


However, if the corporate or university network is not a captive portal network, setting up your Lightform device in these environments may require extra steps due to added security layers.


Please reach out to our support team via live chat or submit a request with your device name and serial number and we will provide you with your MAC addresses.


Your IT team will need to whitelist the device by authorizing the MAC addresses and Lightform Creator also needs the following ports to be open to communicate with your device: 50051, 7340-7346. 


If you are using Windows with Windows defender firewall, you may need to follow the steps described here.

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