Can I stream content to the projector from another application like MadMapper, Resolume, Arkaos, HeavyM, Watchout, QLab?

Lightform is designed to be an all-in-one solution for projection mapping and doesn't support streaming from other applications into Lightform Creator. However, you can also export the scan to use in after effects. 
The ability to add a live video feed such as a webcam (via the NDI protocol) is an experimental feature in Lightform Labs (for LFC only). Read more about this here.

NDI input to LFC is for using an external program (as opposed to Creator) with the device. For example, you could bring a scan into TouchDesigner, author content, and then use Touch Designer to stream interactive content to the device.

We'll be adding more NDI documentation over time, in the meantime: NDI is v4 (latest). NDI input is on the control page (you can choose an input stream to send full-screen to the LFC). Wi-Fi works for some scenarios but ethernet is definitely the way to go. The NDI output is a little hidden: every time you have "Preview" on (whether or not connected to a device), you should see "Lightform Creator" as an NDI output from Creator.

* Disclaimers: NDI is experimental / in labs - we'd love to hear about the issues though. NDI input is only available for LFC (not LF2, since it is not currently possible to stream NDI *to* an Android device, we've been working with the NDI team but have not received good news about this).
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