Can I use the software before my device arrives?

Prior to receiving your unit, you can download the Lightform Creator software to get a sense of the UI and use the various editing tools. However, until you have the unit to do a scan, it won't be the same since you won't be able to use the scan's image and depth data to apply masks using our intelligent tools like magic wand or quick select. You can, however, still get a sense for how other tools work (the pen tool, elipse, rectangle, etc.) and how to create slides and bring in your own images and videos. You will not be able to publish a project or any content without the device but you can still test out the various shortcut keys and get a sense for how it all works. Reference the other articles in our guide to get a sense for how the various features and tools work. You can find the software to download here: Quick Start


To get started without a unit, we recommend downloading the software, then click "New Project" and when it prompts you to connect to a device, click "Cancel". Then you will end up on the design page and can test creating some surfaces and bringing in images/videos and applying our custom effects etc. 

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