What is the range on the Lightform Devices?

The rule of thumb is that if the Lightform Device's camera can see the projected image and the projection is in focus, then it can perform a scan. For detail on each device and what is supported, see below:
  • LF1 -
    • Supports projector throw ratios between 0.85-1.8. It can scan almost any size scene, from a coffee cup to a building, and it can scan matte objects that are at least 3 ft away.
  • LFC -
    • You can use LFC for almost any size scene and you can pair it with almost any normal or short throw projector. It can scan matte objects that are at least 1ft away and supports throw ratios between 0.5-2.0 and projector brightness between 100-100K lumens. Read more about LFC here. 
  • LF2 -
    •  LF2 has a minimum focus distance of 1.0m (3.3ft), and the throw ratio is 1.2. As an estimate, in bright ambient light, it can scan scenes up to ~6 feet wide and in a dark room, scenes up to ~12 feet wide. We recommend this solution for small scale installations, indoor spaces like home offices and retail displays. Read more about it here.
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