How large of an area does the LF2 cover?

LF2 is an all in one solution -- it is a projector that has a camera built into it. The LF2 projector's throw ratio is 1.2 and the brightness is 1,000 lumens. We recommend this solution for small scale installations and indoor spaces like home offices and retail displays. 

LF2 has a minimum focus distance of 1.0m (3.3ft). As an estimate, in bright ambient light, it can scan scenes up to ~6 feet wide and in a dark room, scenes up to ~12 feet wide. 


The extra USB/HDMI ports on the LF2 are not functional and should not be used (e.g. you can't plug in two projectors, use the audio jack to feed sound into your project, or plug in a USB drive or another camera/etc.) We also caution against plugging in your phone (e.g., to charge it). 

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