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Send OSC Messages with Microsoft Kinect



  • Brahim Abouzaid



    i try to use my kinect to send osc message but the step 4 is not clear for me , can you  explain more clearly this step please .i'm not familiar with coding .



  • Brittany Factura

    Hi Brahim,

    This tutorial and specifically steps 2 and 4 will require some coding.

    Step 4 outlines how to send an OSC message to the LF1 upon detecting a gesture. 

    After detecting a gesture, we want to tell the LF1 to advance the playing project to the next slide. To do this, we can send an OSC message to the LF1. We send the value 1.0 to the OSC address '/next'. The following line of code:

    OSCMessage message = OscMessage.Parse("/next, 1.0");

    sets up an OSC message to do so. Then, we use this.Broadcast(message)to broadcast the message to the LF1.

    You can see an example of sending an OSC Message in BodySender.cs. For example, lines 77 and 78 in BodySender.cs:

    77. message = messageBuilder.BuildJointMessage(body, joint);

    78. this.Broadcast(message);

    sets up an OSC message containing the joint positions of a detected body (see MessageBuilder.cs for details) then broadcasts the message [to an IP address]. So for our case, we set up a message for triggering the next slide then send the message using Broadcast(message).

    If you take a look at line 181 in MainWindow.xaml.cs, you can see how this is all brought back together:


    This is where the message gets sent.

    I know this all does require coding and reading through/understanding code. Really sorry for confusion. Hope this makes sense/helps.



  • sanYuan Fu

    Are there teaching videos

    i'm not familiar with coding


  • Tyrone Castillo

    Hi, I've bought a Kinect V2 second hand. How do I physically connect the Kinect to the LF2? The plug is a proprietary fro Microsoft.

  • Anum

    Hi Tyrone Castillo, the Kinect will be connected to your computer using an adapter (easy to find online).

  • KyungHwan Kim

    Hi. Could you make a tutorial on realsense?

    I'm trying to do tutorial with realsense, but I'm not sure where to start.


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