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The universal mounting bracket allows for alternative mounting options using a 1/4-20 thread adapter.


Our favorite option for mounting the LF1 to projectors is use the built-in adhesive mount. However, this is not always appropriate to use especially if you are renting or borrowing a projector. 

The adhesive mount can be easily removed and replaced with our universal mounting bracket. Note that additional hardware is required to use this solution — a variety of 1/4-20 thread adapters are suitable based on the desired mounting setup. 

The Universal Mounting Bracket 

To create your own mounting solution (instead of using the adhesive mount), remove the adhesive mount from the LF1 and attach the universal mounting bracket. The universal mounting bracket features a 1/4-20 thread for universal adapters, magic arms, tripods, etc.

To remove the adhesive mount & the hinge bracket from the LF1:

  1. Undo the thumb screw
  2. Disassemble the hinge bracket
  3. Locate the hex key in the mounting box
  4. Use the hex key to unscrew the hinge bracket
  5. Remove the hinge bracket from the LF1

Attach the Universal Mounting Bracket

To attach the universal mounting bracket to the LF1:

  1. Locate the universal mounting bracket in the mounting box
  2. Use the same screws removed from the hinge bracket to attach the universal mounting bracket
  3. Attach the universal 1/4-20 thread adapter of choice


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