Clone Surface/Reverse Masking


Is it possible to clone a surface? Is it possible to "reverse" a mask in order to project inversely outside the boundaries of the mask instead of inside? Might there be a clever work around to achieve the same result if these functions are not existing?

My reason for asking is that I would like to project a larger, higher opacity surface over a smaller, lower opacity surface without interference from the former drowning out the latter. Or perhaps there is an alternate suggestion for going about this?

note: The smaller surface mask is very complex and would be difficult to impossible to redraw exactly in order for the outside edges of the smaller mask to conform precisely with the inside edges of the larger mask.


Thanx In Advance - Erick Dum Dum


  • Hi Erick!

    You can duplicate a surface by right-clicking on the surface in the layers panel and selecting 'Duplicate Surface' from the menu. You will see a copy of that surface in the layers panel and in the artboard. It will be placed right on top of the original surface.

    Inverting masks is a Labs feature. To enable Labs, go to the Help Menu and select 'Enable Labs'. To invert a mask:

    • Select the surface you'd like to invert
    • Locate the Mask properties in the panel on the right
    • Click the 'Invert Mask' button under Mask properties

    Let me know if you can find it and if it helps you achieve what you were hoping for.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

    - Brittany Fact Fact

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  • Thank you so much for unmasking those masking features for me Brittany. (Wondering if there might be a more comprehensive and downloadable pdf manual at some point down the line.) 

    Anyhow, having a helluva a lot of fun on my LF1!


    Thanx Thanx - Erick


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  • Hey guys, I'm in a similar boat. I was trying to work this out. say setup is a flat white background that i'm playing media on, then a complex 3d surface in the foreground that I have made an intricate mask of. I was trying to stop the background video playing on the foreground shape. 

    I can add a path in the background surface and then manipulate it to cover my foreground object. then press the button to disable it. making a mask in between my surface projections.

    But it's quite fiddly. When i have already made an intricate mapping of the foreground object. Is there a way to just copy the foreground surface change it to a mask and put it in between the background and foreground layers?

    I even tried duplicating the layer and playing a black image on it. nada.

    Basically I'm agreeing with you Erick.



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  • Hey Sam,

    Thanks for providing all this info! I'd be happy to help. I may need some images to help me understand your case and what you're trying to do. Would you mind sharing a screenshot?



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  • Sent via email.

    Thank you

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