ideal lumes for lightform


What would be the recommended lumen count to get an ideal image out of lightform? I know it kind of varies depending on the conditions and distance. 


  • 3000 lumens is the minimum recommended ideal lumen count. For instance, the kit projector (Epson 1060) is 3100 lumens.

    The LF1 will still work with a lower lumen count (as long as it is close enough to the projection surface and the throw ratio is within the supported range).

  • Thank you brittany, A follow question though. Would having increased lumens change the outcome of scan quality?

  • A higher lumen count will work well in both dark and ambient conditions, whereas a lower lumen count will not work as well in ambient/daylight conditions. Essentially, the higher lumen count will guarantee you a good quality scan in various lighting conditions.

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