Mask Light out of the scene ??



I would like to know how to hide the light from the projector that is projected out of the scene?
I tried to make a mask and put a black image but it does not work. Is it possible ?
exemple :


  • Hi Julien! Nothing too fancy here. We just make the room bright enough where the white light from the projector is less visible. You can see some more tips here for the Kit projector

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  • I have had issues with this as well and the only thing that works is just adding more light in the room and making the background a darker solid color. Unfortunately, this is not always a good option for my use cases. Personally, I like the performance of my DLP BenQ projector, especially for normal household lighting or darker rooms. I have tried messing with every setting imaginable on the Epson projector and the articles provided by the Lightform team help a little but, even then, following some of the documented "best practices" actually made the bg light even more noticeable. Overall, I am disappointed with the "kit projector" but it is good to have for practice and certain use cases.

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