How do you hope to use Light form? For business, art, performance, entertainment or what?


I am hoping to build a business using Lghtform at weddings and events. How about you?

So far I have mostly been playing around with wedding cake projection on a plaster cake but I just got a gig doing an imagination event geared to kids at a mall. There are also a lot of fundraising galas in my area that tend to compete to out due one another and I hope to work with them.   


  • All of the above!

    I'm a lighting designer, and I intend to use LF as part of on-stage lighting for bands and corporate events, static and animated scenic elements in theatrical productions, as well as custom projections for weddings.

    With stage lighting, I often rely on visible beams of light to create "the look" for a concert. However, there are many venues that do not allow the use of haze or fog. This causes immediate issues, as those ingredients are required in order to make the light beams visible. So, projection or video walls are a great option for adding life to the visuals. LF will allow me to make use of stage objects as projection surfaces.

    When doing theater projects, LF allows me to place visuals onto the backgrounds, instantly changing the look of the set. We can also put fires into fireplaces, ghosts into closets, and even add animals into scenes. All of this requires careful design and planning of course, but LF helps get projected images into a scene far more quickly than traditional projection mapping approaches.

    However, I don't have details about execution yet. I have another week until my LF1 arrives, so all of this is just preparatory. I hope to be able to post images once we're up and running!

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  • Looking forward to seeing some posts! How is the LF1 working out for you? I'm assuming you were in the first wave of deliveries? Sheryl


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  • Just ordered my LF2, can't wait for it to arrive! I play drums in an instrumental Post-Rock band and plan to use the LF2 for live performances. My initial thought is to buy a banner logo and a bunch of black and white tapestries to drape over the guitar amps, scan and apply effects after all equipment is set up. Hoping I'll be able to time various effects with particular songs. I really cannot wait to begin toying around with scenes and seeing what I can create. 

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