Expanding the overall resolution


So I know you cannot convert the HDMI to DVI or VGA (yuck), but what about full-sized display port?

I'm curious to know if the LF1 could work with something like the Matrox TripleHead2Go DP Edition that has an External GXM?


and adapter:


I'm just trying to think forward here on larger projects.

Also curious if the LF1 would work with a simple HDMI splitter?  I understand that the image would be the same, but still 3 outputs... I have some projects running through my head that I could do.


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    HI John

    Let me start with mentioning that the Lightform device is intended to be used with a single projector. A single device will not be able to scan a scene/object from multiple projectors in either extended or duplicate mode. The scan that you get from the LF1 device is a reconstructed projector's view of the scene and is only true for the projector used to take the scan. Similarly, when doing playback from the device, the content is rendered from the point of view of the projector so if it is played back from a different projector, it won't line up correctly with the scene/object. I wanted to mention this to make sure that your project idea takes this into account and there are no late gotchas. 

    Are the things you mentioned technically possible? TL;DR answer is

    - HDMI <> DP (or other adapters): adapters don't work right now but we are working to make that possible.

    - HDMI <> DP <> Multi DP (Head2Go): The multi-head device will most likely wouldn't work as such a device usually concatenates the resolution of the outputs (eg. 3840x1080 for 2 1080p displays) which is beyond the maximum resolution supported (1920x1200).

    - HDMI <> HDMI splitter: If the splitter transmits the resolution information, it should work with an LF1. But if it doesn't, it will work after we add the support for adapters. 


    Longer explanation:

    The LF1 grabs a projector's supported resolutions info using the EDID data that each display device transmits over HDMI. In the ideal setup, the LF1 is directly connected to the projector via HDMI and is able to get this info from the projector. However, if an adapter is used, the adapter then acts as an intermediary display device and may/may not transfer the EDID information from the projector to the LF1. It could possibly transmit its own EDID information but that is not guaranteed. Currently, if the Lightform device cannot get the resolution information, it is not able to work with a projector. We are working to remove this limitation which will allow LF1 to work with a variety of adapters.


    If you are not satisfied with the answer, feel free to reach out with the specific use case that you have in mind (publically as a forum post or privately as a support ticket) and we could offer you some insight on how to make it possible. 



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  • Pulkit,
    Thank you so much for this detailed information. It is what I assumed would be the answer, but I don't like to assume anything when it comes to video ;-)
    I love knowing what my technical boundaries.

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