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I'm fairly savy with networking, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get TouchOSC to work on my Android.  The images I see in the "tutorials" do not look like what I have at all.  Definitely looks like iOS.  Any way you could post a how to for Android?  

I did everything it says in the current tutorial for "Using TouchOSC" and I've got nada.

Thanks in advance.


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    Hey John, 

    The app is a bit different on Android, however, one key thing about TouchOSC is that it allows you have a variety of layouts. A bunch are pre-loaded in the app already. 

    In order to make it look like ours and have a bunch of the buttons setup to already work with the Lightform, you will have to download and apply our custom layout from here (see Step IIa) 

    Let us know if that helps

  • I guess I should have mentioned that downloading and installing the Android app was the first thing I did in this process.
    I cannot find what info to put in other than the ip address of my router. The app window in the tutorial is not like what I have on my phone.

  • After downloading the Android App, did you also download and load in our custom layout

    For the IP Address, you want it to be the IP address of your LF1. 

  • Hey John

    You are right, the app is slightly different for Android and the steps in the guide do not transfer one to one. The issue seems to be loading the Lightform layout into TouchOSC. I just performed it on my Android phone and here are the steps I followed and the screenshots.

    1. Download the layout from the "Using TouchOSC" tutorial


    2. Open TouchOSC. Click on Layout

    3. Choose the "Add from File" option

    4. You'll get a list of device folders. Scroll down and select "Download" or "Downloads"

    5. You should get the option to select the layout that you just downloaded.

    6. Once you've imported the layout, you should see the option to select it in the Layout page


    You can follow the rest of the steps from the Using TouchOSC tutorial. The behavior is exactly the same on Android and iOS. Hopefully these steps should work for you. Let me know if you face any issues and I can help you fix them. 



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