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Frustrating evening! My LF1 has been working wonderfully in my lab. I took it to a jobsite, though, and could not connect to it. I initiated pairing, found the LF1's SSID, but it would not take the password "lightform", no matter what I did! I had to pack my gear and go home. I had the site IT person with me, but we couldn't even get to the point where I could put the LF1 on their local WiFi. 

My software doesn't have a LABS function, as described in the tutorials. How do I enable LABS? Maybe I could have reset the LF1's WiFi. 

Help! I'm running out of time to get this show going. It's tomorrow evening. Thanks. 


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    Hi Jeff, definitely understand how frustrating this can be. Sorry you had to go through this. Two of the most likely reasons this occurred were that the network type is unsupported or that the router was too far away for the signal strength of the Lightform. 

    The Labs features do not affect pairing in anyway and are purely optional. If desired, you can turn it by going to Help > Enable Labs. 

    We outline all of the various networking options here:

    When we are in a pinch, and don't have another option available, we like using the device in Pairing Mode. If we are doing an event or mobile demo, we always have our own router on hand with ethernet cables just in case the local network isn't supported. 


  • I found that some times the initial pairing can go super slow.  One day I got tired of waiting so I took the dog outside.  I came back in side... maybe 10 to 15mins later and I was up and running. 

    I was thinking about the same thing, about refreshing the LF1.  Did you push the pairing button on the back to get the LED to be cyan?  

    I had issue with the password twice so far as well.  One time it took another time it did not.  I've been pretty seamless now with both my MBP and my Windows machines.

    I would like if you could change the password all together.  Not rocket science on connecting to an open network (when it works) and messing things up for the person it actually belongs to.

  • Thanks, John. Yes, I tried all those things. I'm planning to use my LF1 on different sites, for different events. I may need to either take my own WiFi router with me, or figure out how to just use hardwire (ugh). I'm most puzzled by the missing LAB functionality of my software. If LAB was just a beta-testing thing, then it needs to be de-referenced from the Guide. 

  • The LABS portion I think is under "Help" or something like that in the menu to the right.

    So you can see the LF1 SSID, but the password doesn't work? Weird. Do you know how to do an IP config release / IP config renew on your laptop? Could help.

    Maybe hardwire in and try password that way? There's a tutorial on how to share your internet connection from your laptop with LF1 via hardwire. Maybe this could work?

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