Feathered Edge on Masks?


Hi There,

We're wondering if there is a way to add a "feathered" edge or soften the edges of a mask/mapping layer shape? (to achieve a softer/less crisp edge on the projected content)

Also, is there a way to export those individual mask layers out of Creator?




  • Yes - select the surface and go to the surface parameters on the right side of the interface - there's a field for feathering and offset.

  • Hey John! 

    Welcome to the Lightform community! If you enable Labs by going to the Help menu and selecting 'Enable Labs', you'll be able to find these two Labs features.

    To feather a surface's mask:

    1. Select a surface by clicking on one in the layers panel or in the artboard
    2. Locate the 'Feathering' text box under the 'Mask' drop down in the properties panel
    3. Enter a value or drag to the right/left to change the value

    To export a surface's mask:

    1. Select a surface
    2. Click the 'Labs' menu
    3. Select 'Export Selected Surface Mask...'

    Let me know if that helps you achieve what you were hoping for. 

  • Hi Brittany & Glenn,

    Thank you both for the fast reply and great advisement!

    I’ll try the process you’ve outlined Brittany and let you all know the outcome.



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