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This is a first try at sequencing slides now that the transitions are working a bit better. The first slides in the video have a .5s timing, which is currently the quickest transition. Also exploring the use of color fills/strokes on the shapes and controlling visibility through each shape's opacity channel.


  • The slide transitions are still blinking, though not as badly as before
  • The process of sequencing slides is very tedious
  • Wishing I could turn off layers in individual slides
  • Stroked outlines do not interact with effects . . . I could really use a line tool that can receive media/effects.

I'm new to projection mapping, with the LF1 being my first foray into this world. As I look around the internet at projection mapping software, I find I'm really wanting the capabilities of Madmapper or Resolume and I'm really hoping that is where the "Pro" version of this software is headed . . . I want to use this in a theatrical setting.


  • Hi Glen,

    great video!

    I also was happy that the new slide transitions worked better on my latest theatre performance design for the last two weekends.

    Yes the slide transitions are still blinking somewhat, but it is much better.

    I have to say that the whole LF1 team was extremely supportive during the design process and fixed many bugs just in time

    for the opening night. A big THANKS to ALL of THEM.

    I didn't post the project to the group since there are a lot of personal photos of the performer in it and I don't have permission.

    For the project I used a lot of effects within the program  and imported videos/ photos. My problem was that I very often lost the imported photos and videos after publishing and only the effects stayed in the slides. I had to redo it several times. 

    I'm new to projection mapping too as a stage designer and would love to use this tool more for my future opera designs.

    I have checked several other projection mapping software and saw Madmapper and Resolume too. I think they are more suitable for  disco/ music evens. There is also a company in France called HeavyM which looks interring. 

      I hope the Pro version will give us more options and creative possibilities. Looking forward to it.



  • Thank you Maria - I'd love to see what you're creating. I had a similar problem losing assets on a project.

    Here's little update with a few more slides.


  • Yes Glen, I saw this, very cool, loved it.

    Working on something similar, now that the slides can be .5s

  • These are some super cool experiments Glenn! Keep it up 

    Definitely looking into all of the bugs / missing features you brought up and looking into addressing them. Thanks for bringing them to our attention. 

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