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Hey all,

Charlee (no that's not a typo!) from Lightform here. We've been getting a few inquiries about transporting LF1 and projector equipment safely, so we wrote this article to give you a sense of some custom casing solutions. But we also want to see what you guys have been using so others can find gear that meets their specific needs. Respond with a picture and brief description of your setup and we'll send you an adhesive aluminum Lightform nameplate, perfect for travel cases! We only have 49 of these so, first come first serve. People with valid posts will be contacted soon!






(Legal Disclaimer Stuff: Offer for free aluminum nameplate open to anyone over age 13. Offer available 3pm PST Thursday, Feb 14th 2019 and while supplies last. No purchase is necessary.)


  • I have my projector (NEC P554U) in a Pelican 1550 and will have my LF and SDI converters in a Pelican 1400 when it arrives!

  • I went with the "28.5 L Pure Outdoor", ordered it from Amazon. seemed to be the best bang for the buck. it literally got here a couple hours ago and i haven't had time to plan out all my foam compartments. but that happens tonight!!!


  • Hallo I ask.



    The LF1 comes shipped inside a foam block that's molded perfectly to the shape of your LF1. Take that foam piece out of the black and white cardboard box and put it inside your pelican/hard shell case.

    WAY easier to cut out a shape for a foam block (with an already perfect mold for the LF1) instead of attempting to get the exact shape of your LF1.

  • I've done a few projects so far, this is my 3rd one.  Once I get permission to post the outcome I will.  Going for a case today from Harbor Freight!  Gonna store wireless router in there with some custom rigging hardware as well.

  • Both my babies sleep like this ;)

  • My plan is to use this Apache case with the original packaging LF shipped in, into the pinch out foam for a perfect fit. I've been too busy working with LF to put the packaging in yet :)


  • Pelican case housing for LF1 and Epson 1060. Made from a case I used for another purpose. I plan to get a larger one to provide more impact protection once it starts going on location.



  • My Optoma ML750 ST and his micro mapping friend LF1 in there’s bed!

  • Thanks so much for the recommended cases post! That was really helpful. I ended up going with the 28.5 L Pure Outdoor case and set it up as shown! Ready to start the outdoor projection adventures.

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