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I already submitted a bug report on this several days ago, but it is getting more of a problem trying to build a project. 

As long as we only have one slide, no problem.  When we add a slide (new or clone), the second slide shows a diagonal line going through it and we can't publish the project (we can still publish the 1st slide's content).

Unlike it says on the "Publishing Troubleshooting" page, we still have a connection to the LF1.  We can still stream content from the publishing disabled slide.

We tried restarting the LF1 with no difference.

When I submitted the bug report on this, we had added slides, deleted some, and then couldn't publish anything at all.  I don't know if we deleted the 1st slide or not, or if we could still publish the 1st slide (like now) before we started deleting slides as we weren't paying attention while streaming/testing until after we had deleted slides.



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    Hey Nash, thanks for reporting this. I just checked with the team and we believe this might be a bug that occurs occasionally when slides are disabled in a project. We are investigating this on our end. 

    Can you confirm whether or not this might be what is happening for you? Does this also happen if all of your slides are on/enabled?

    Thanks for your help reporting this and help in improving Lightform. 

  • Well, I just figured out why publishing was disabled for slides.

    Evidently, when you hover over a slide, there is a small eye in the lower right corner (not real noticeable to my 55 year old eyes on a 15" screen) that if you click it, you disable publishing for that slide. 

    If you duplicate a publishing disabled slide, the duplicate is also disabled.

    Couldn't find anything in the documentation about it it, but there ya go, I answered my own comment.

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