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I'm finding that if there's been an update and I've got the LF1 on site I cant use it until I update, even if I skip. 

I've had all sorts of problems trying to connect and update which took around 2 hours to resolve due to constant failed updates can the update be switched off so you can update at home rather that it checking on location?


  • Hey Chris, apologies about this trouble. Is there any chance you had the device on QA Firmware?

    Do you remember what firmware you are on and what you upgraded to? The more info you can share about the issue you encountered and what you did to troubleshoot can help us make sure this doesn't happen again. 

    Thanks for helping us improve Lightform. 

  • QA firmware?

    I had 2 macbooks

    one that I use infrequently but when I tried to connect with this it would not leave the update screen and every update failed around 40-70%

    My regular mac was updated around 2x weeks ago I think and I've not had a chance to use it. It did connect to the LF1 but all sorts of thing happened. It was a connecting and showing a feed but not scanning or attempting to scan but just showing the spinning circle.

    Eventually after disconnecting and reconnecting it wanted to update and wouldn't go any further after multiple attempts it began to update and we were back up and running.

    Bit of an issue as it has done this every time it wants to update but previously not at a time I needed it to work.

    I can't recall what it wanted to upgrade from but i believe it went to 2.27?

  • Thanks for reporting this. It sounds like you were able to get past this for now? 

    If this happens again, please submit a bug report with the purple question mark and that will provide us with more info to track down what might be causing the issue. 

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