Updated Software and now it freezes at Initialize Bar screen


I just updated the software and restarted the PC.   Now when I hit new scan button it doesn't do anything once it gets to the Initializing screen with the progress bar not even starting...  it looks like there is a gradient but let it sit for 10 minutes and nothing...  have restarted PC and program and get the same issue.   Am downloading and doing a re-install... ugh...

Also - the Report Bug function in the program opens up but there is no way for me to scroll to the bottom of the form on my PC to get to the submit button?  Can you add a slider to that?


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    Hey Pat, thanks for reporting these issues, this is helpful for us to identify issues you are seeing on your computer hardware and work together to fix them. 

    You took a lot of good troubleshooting steps already to try and resolve this. Can you try two more things:

    1. Also, restart the LF1 and then try again. This is helpful since the LF1 firmware initiates and processes the scan itself. If the scan isn't starting, it would indicate a firmware issue potentially fixable with a restart.
    2. Post or screenshot the Device Specifications of your PC. This will help us identify if it is a potentially unknown issue specific to your unique hardware that we need to fix. 

    We believe we encountered the report bug issue in previous releases and believe it is fixed in the latest release. Please try this again and let us know if it is not working (a screenshot of what you are seeing would be incredibly helpful). 

    If these steps don't help, let us know and we will create a support ticket to work with you 1:1 to get you up and running. 

  • Hello, I'm having the same issue, and took the same steps. It starts "Initializing" and never stops (waited 30 mintues, nothing changed). I have restarted the device, the projector, the Lighform software. I'm on a Mac instead of PC. Screenshot of system overview attached.

  • Hey Brent, thanks for posting that info and the screenshot. Can you clarify, is Lightform Creator never opening? or is the Scan never initializing? 

    We have a step in the Scan workflow called initializing. If this step doesn't finish, it likely means that the LF1 isn't passing a signal to the projector. This could be because the projector is off, the projector is on a different input, the HDMI cable between the projector and LF1 is loose, or the HDMI cable is bad. 

  • Thanks for the quick reply! Yes, perhaps there was a projector connection issue.

    I moved to a different location, and this time it Initialized right away, and works as expected.



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