Has anyone tried LF1 on a Large Object?


Hi everyone 
I cant wait to receive my 1st LF1... hopefully soon ;)
Until now i haven't seen one single test of lightform on a large scale project (ie a building)
I would be curious to see the results.


  • I've got a couple of projects I'm working on just now.


    However, I've got a few concerns about the camera if it can pick out enough detail.

    I wonder if there is a way of getting the LF1 to scan in high light so it picks up the minute detail of the object and combine it with a lower light scan so it picks up the scan patterns of the projector?



  • Also the LF1 would need to be able to see the whole object and scan which would possibly mean you'd need the LF1 in a different location to the projector.

  • I recently mapped my car and a building across the street using a Panasonic VW-545N WXGA 5K lumen projector.

  • I saw an LF1 in action at NAMM in Anaheim this year out in the main lobby of the Anaheim Convention Center.  I'm betting they had at least a 20k projector on it.  They had redundant stacked projectors.  One as back up.  The image was about 20' tall.  Look for yourself! 

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