Integration with Sound and light,


Thanks have had lots of fun so far
Have loved creating soundscapes, now Lightform has given me the option to create lighscapes, my untilmate goal is to create a fluid seamless experience of both, I attempted to try and do this, as there is no option to marry audio with the content being pretty projected, I tried by using a stop watch on an audio mix ..,say for example I wanted a word to be displayed on slide 3 , with on 15sec, with 3 slides each on 5 seconds, then matching timestsmp point I wanted the Lightform , there is a lag of time between each slide, which makes it challenging, hoping you can help get to this point ūüĎćūüėÄ, hope it makes sense .., it has great so far, can you advise any addons or tools that can be used to help with this, or hope your planning to have this ..cheers


  • Hi Jimmy!

    That's awesome to hear. Mixing sound and light would be a magical experience. Your stop watch idea sounds cool! Sorry that the slide transition makes it tricky to get the timing right. Our team is actively working on instant slide transitions - hang tight! 

  • Jumping¬†onto Jimmy's request,¬†is it possible to integrate the Lightform unit into a DMX/Show control system? For instance, a lighting system controlled by DMX/MIDI enabled Gilderfluke hardware? I am looking to cue projection mapped¬†events with¬†the aforementioned system that has audio and DMX lighing already programmed, and I would like to add the element of projection to my show. Would OSC or IFTTT be a way to bridge the gap between my show control system and the LF1? If those two protocols aren't necessarily a direct means to my end,¬†are there any future possibilities for DMX integration to bridge that gap?

  • Hey Ryan,

    We're definitely considering DMX support for our roadmap but we don't have an estimate on the timeline yet. Your system seems like a great use case for it.

    We're not sure about/haven't tested out the possibility of an OSC -> DMX bridge. If you wanted to get started with OSC, we cover it in these two articles:

    We'll also be posting more tutorials on OSC soon. 

  • So, I would assume if the slides timing is consistent, you would be able to create an offset.¬† Projected content is great but without audio for wow factor, i.e music, then it weakens the products otherwise fantastic offerings?¬† Are the timings consistent?¬† Is there any way to trigger a music file to play along with my show?

  • Hey Philip,

    How were you looking to play music along with your show? We don't have direct audio support with Lightform, but if you want to sync your audio from an external source, you could use OSC to sync music with Lightform. Here's an example: Sync Audio to Live Effects with Vezér.



  • Hey Brittany,


    I'm looking to set up a LF project and sync it with an audio track, i.e music.  I just want to be able to time LF effects to music.  Is this possible

  • Hi Philip,

    Yes, you can sync live effects to audio. This is covered in the tutorial Sync Audio to Live Effects with Vezér.

    - Brittany

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