Error Scanning :: Not Enough Correspondences


Hello all,

I got this message and also sometimes the program is stuck on "Initializing".

Does this mean the scene is not dark enough to get a good scan?


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  • Hi Lilly,

    So sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. This error usually means that the items in the scene are too dark to scan, the projector isn’t bright enough to scan the items, or the projector is too far away. What projector are you using?

    When scanning this scene again, could you try the following?:

    1. Turn on “safe mode” and turn off “Apply Mask” under Advanced Settings in the new scan view
    2. If that doesn’t work, move the projector closer to the scene and/or zoom the projector in

    If none of that works, could you post pictures of the scene you're trying to scan? This would help us better understand what's going on.

    You can read about the scanning process and conditions that affect the scan in the following articles: &

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