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Hi there, 


I am just getting my hands on with lightform and really excited for all the new features being updated by the Lightform family.


I am exploring the software and am planning to exported an image to after effects and worked on an animation and imported it back into lightform as an .MOV.


I was wondering if it's possible for you to share your workflow process of how Lightform created the Hybycozo installation animation. That instal is a very complex fabrication, I am curious to know the process of how lightform was used and what other softwares were used to create and implement that animation on their fabricated design. 

I'm working on a similar project, and curious to know so I can use similar applications, right now I am debating if I should go the touchdesigner route or after effects. Would love some feedback. 



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    Hey Ara!

    For the Hybycozo installation, we actually had access to the original vector files from the artists themselves, so we were able to bring them into After Effects for some of the more complex content, and use trim paths to animate. We also used our built-in "Tron" effect to trace edges which looks very cool, but because this is an automated, instant effect, it does not currently have control over direction or symmetry.

    While Lightform Creator does not currently support import or export of vector paths, this is a common request and is on our roadmap.

    As a TouchDesigner user, I can also say that it can be used for compelling vector-based tracing using the "Carve" SOP. The benefit you will get with TD is realtime and interactivity, and because this is essentially a 2D operation, you can acheive pretty much the same visual fidelity you would in AE.

    Hope this helps!


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