Introduction. I'm from Sacramento.
My Wacom Tablet is probably 15 years old and my Laptop is ANCIENT.

I use this old tech because I'm cheap : ) and it's mostly reliable.
So I've been tinkering with LF1 for the last six days. I love it.
My rig is showing me the slow downs are and it's the processing, obviously.
Most times, I have to shut the whole thing down. Walk away for a couple hours and start again fresh. Last night I think a ghost got a hold of it
and made it come on with a blink for a second or two.

Your embedded effects and videos are DOPE
If Santa granted all the things I wished for right now they would be:

500 LF1s to give to my friends who are artists
For me, personally Santa please
Newest HP Laptop with dedicated Ethernet
Max RAM and Graphics Card

Large (50,000 square foot), dedicated studio space
(styrofoam and wood materials fabrication shop)
Studio lighting

Sound Equipment
Electrical Equipment
Large Truck for Transportations
Electric Golf Cart : )

Have a safe and pleasant day.


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  • Hi Lilly!

    Hello from San Francisco!

    So glad to hear you have been having a good experience with your new LF1 these past few days! We love hearing this feedback. Please share any cool photos or videos you have of your projects we would love to see more. 

    And oh man! You definitely have a pretty epic list for Santa there! We wish we had 500 LF1s to send over for all of your friends. That would be awesome. 


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