Communicate with other visual software.


Hi all,

I am just starting use Lightform and trying some of functions.
I would like to communicate with other visual software just like Unity, Touchdesigner.
I still can't find like that function.

Is it possible to communicate with other visual software?
I mean, Is that possible to use "Syphon" and "spout" with LIGHTFORM CREATOR?


  • Hey 松山周平,

    We are excited to have you start using Lightform! Welcome to the community. 

    We do not have Syphon and Spout support in Lightform Creator yet, however, they are definitely on our roadmap for the Pro version of our software (coming soon). 

    There are a few different ways to work with other content creation software right now. 

    1. You can export the Lightform Scan images to use in other software. You can create motion content using the scan in software like Unity, Touchdesigner, or AfterEffects and then render it out to video to bring back to Lightform Creator. You will then for the last step, want to publish your projects from Lightform Creator to the LF1 hardware for playback.
    2. You can also use OSC from a variety of different software to control playback on the device and to control our LIVE effects. You could, for example, have a Unity app running on an ipad app which users interact with, and with certain key triggers, the unity app could send an OSC message to the Lightform to trigger new content to playback. See more info about this here and here

    Both of these options unlock a lot of flexibility in how you can use other content creation tools. Hope this helps and feel free to keep asking more questions we might be able to help with. 

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  • is there the ability to pull live data from another site for display in lightform (eg: grab a tweet from twitter api and display in a text block)?

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  • That's cool and all but it's hardly simple. A Unity SDK would unlock so much.

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  • +1 for Syphon!!

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