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Will the LFC Kit and LF2+ be back in stock?


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  • Rich Forsyth

    Dear LightForm PR team,

    This article addresses an issue that has been the case for a long time now, and despite having already purchased an LFC therefore not looking to buy a device, there are ugly rumours of LightForm as a company having financial issues, and that the future's not looking good for the franchise.

    I sincerely hope that these rumours turn out to be false, however it's easy to get this impression considering current device unavailability, the significantly reduced company communications, the much less regular device/software updates, and other signals that support this line of thinking.

    Perhaps the majority of personnel in the company have been reassigned to developing the new LFX initiative? 

    Whatever the reasoning, it would be well appreciated by the entire Lightform community if there could be accurate and frequent communications about the products that we're invested into - when can we expect software updates? Additional tutorials? Additional effects resources? etc.
    It would definitely help to quell the doubts that are rising in the community, if indeed the rumours are just that.

    Many thanks in advance for any attention you give this message!
    Avid LightForm User


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