Saving Projects

There are a few different ways to save and share your Lightform project

  1. Archive Project
  2. Save Project
  3. Save and Increment Project

Archive Project

Archiving your project creates a new folder that includes all imported media, such as videos and images, from your Lightform project. Archiving can be helpful to send your project to someone or open it on a different computer. When troubleshooting issues with our Support team, we will often ask for an archived version of your project.

In this dialog, you can choose the Archive folder's name and location and have the option to generate a ZIP file of the Archive folder.

Save Project

When you click File > Save Project, Lightform Creator saves any changes you have made to your project since you last saved it.

Save and Increment

Think of this as an alternative to 'Save As...' When you 'Save and Increment' your project, a duplicate of the .lit project file is created in the same location as the existing project file. A number (starting with 1) is added at the end of the title. If you 'Save and Incremement' your project multiple times, more duplicate files will be created with the next consecutive numbers in the title e.g. 1, 2, 3.
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