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This article is primarily for LFC and LF1 users who need to automatically turn the projector attached to the Lightform device on and off.

We do not recommend using Labs for installations or productions where dependability is required. These features are experimental and unsupported, but we welcome bug reports and feedback to continue improving Lightform Creator.

For instance, if you have a permanently mounted installation, you may want to turn everything on in the morning and off again in the evening. This scheduling is possible with an IoT-enabled IR remote, such as the Nature Remo product line. For LF2, you can do this without any additional peripherals using IFTTT.

Finally, Nature Remo also has a web API, so that you can control the devices through cloud commands as opposed to scheduling/triggering from a mobile app if your application requires it.

Nature Remo Smart IR Remotes


The Nature Remo is a small peripheral device that pairs with your Wi-Fi network, much like a Lightform device (note that these devices do not have Ethernet). Once paired, you can teach the Remo different commands from your projector's remote control, like power on/off.


  1. Plug your Remo device in and download the mobile app.
  2. Pair the device to your Wi-Fi network following the instructions in the app.

  3. From the Control tab within the mobile app, add a new appliance.
  4. Select Other in order to program your device's remote.
    Note that "TV" may work for certain projector manufacturers, but it's better to use "Other" so that you can program your specific remote buttons.
  5. Following the on-screen instructions, point your projector's remote at the Remo and press the Power button.
  6. Within a few seconds, the next screen should appear in the application asking you to name the device (and optionally choose a new icon).
  7. Name the button that you just pressed.

You can now use the application to turn on your projector. Repeat these steps to add as many buttons from your remote as you'd like.

Automatically Scheduling Commands

The Nature Remo mobile application also allows you to schedule commands based on a variety of triggers. From the app homepage, select Automation and add a new trigger.


From here, you can choose a name for the command, the trigger for the command, and what button will be "pressed" when the trigger occurs. Use the Time & Day trigger for scheduling commands at a specific time, but other triggers may also be useful depending on the scenario.


Here's an example of a trigger to turn on the projector at 8 am every day.

And that's it! You can now schedule your projector to turn on/off at specified times each day.

Please Note
You do not need to worry about turning off your LFC/LF1; the devices are designed to be left on indefinitely and draw little power.

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