How can I open multiple instances of Lightform Creator at the same time?

When working with multiple projectors and Lightform devices, it can be helpful to have multiple instances of Creator open at the same time, rather than switching projects each time you want to control a different device.

Unfortunately, Lightform Creator was built and optimized to only have one instance running at a time. However, there is a way to run Creator instances at the same time, but only on macOS — this trick does not work on Windows.

To do so:

  • Navigate to on your computer (most likely in /Applications).

  • Right click and select "Show Package Contents".

  • Navigate to "Contents" > "MacOS".

  • Double click the program called "Lightform". It will open Creator normally.


  • You can continue to double click "Lightform" and new instances of Creator will be opened up alongside the previous one(s).


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