NDI is an experimental feature in Labs (for LFC only) that allows you to stream video into Lightform Creator from another source on the same network or stream the output from Lightform Creator into another program on the same network.

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We added NDI to Labs in Lightform Creator v1.10.17. NDI (Network Discovery Interface) is a proprietary streaming protocol for low-latency streaming over a network. NDI enables you to stream video from Lightform Creator to any other software that supports NDI input on your computer (or another computer on your local network), such as MadMapper, TouchDesigner, Resolume, and many more. If you have an LFC, it is also possible to stream full-frame video directly to the LFC from any software that supports NDI output.

NDI Output from Creator

NDI Output is enabled by default from Lightform Creator any time you use the "Preview" button.

Please Note
The Preview button will work even if you do not have a device connected

Example of streaming the Creator Artboard into MadMapper:



NDI Input to LFC

If you have an LFC, you can stream NDI into the LFC via another program on your computer or local network as long as it supports NDI output. Lightform Creator will take the full-frame NDI output from the other program, and stream it on the LFC.

Please Note
It is not currently possible to both play back a project and stream at the same time on LFC.

Example of streaming content from Resolume to the LFC:


NDI Tips

  • NDI requires a high-speed and reliable network connection. Wi-Fi may work, but we recommend using Ethernet.
  • If you need faster speeds or lower latency, try reducing the output size. In Creator, use the Stream menu in the Application Preferences window. Other programs such as Resolume and MadMapper also allow you to specify the output size — make sure that the aspect ratio is the same as your projector resolution. For example, if using a 1920x1080 projector, you could send 960x540 output for faster streaming (at the expense of quality).
  • Check out some other NDI sample programs here.  
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