Can you recommend a projector to use with the LFC Kit?

So you've decided to get an LFC but you aren't sure which projector to buy...


  • Keep in mind, you can use LFC with most normal or short-throw projectors but the projector you choose will be dependent on your use case and how large of an image you're looking to project and in what lighting conditions. 
  • As you are shopping around, make sure the projector you plan on using has the supported specs and throw ratio. You'll also want to make sure your computer or laptop meets our minimum requirements for running Lightform Creator. 

Here are some helpful resources to aid in your search.

When selecting a projector for projection mapping, there are a lot of options and variables to consider. The LFC works with 0.5-2.0 throw ratio projectors and focuses beyond 1.5 ft. The max distance and size would depend on the projector you use with it - the projector minimum focus distance will be your limitation.

Projector Central

The best resource for finding the right projector is Projector Central. Here is how to use it to find a projector that is compatible with the LFC and meets your use-case and budget requirements. 
  1. View projectors by LFC's compatible throw ratio by doing a search like this one:


    Please Note
    There are multiple search options that might help you narrow down your search (e.g., number of lumens, throw ratio range, price).

  2. Choose a projector from the search results and visit the specs page for that projector to find the minimum throw distance, e.g. this Optoma projector has a min throw distance of 1.3 feet.


  3. Finally, using Projector Central's calculator, enter in the name and model of the projector you've chosen to determine how large the scene can be & from what distance.  Here is an example of how you'd determine projector placement for that Optoma: 



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