Can I blend, sync, or stack multiple projectors?

We do not offer multi-projector support. You will need one Lightform device per projector. However, it is possible to create one project per Lightform and play them back simultaneously, like on this project by two of our customers. They used two Lightform units for this experience, and they both hit the button at the same time to obtain the desired result. 

For now, the "official" way to do this would be with a second Lightform device, one per projector. Lightform devices aren't currently powerful enough to render 2 or 3 unique, full-resolution displays simultaneously at acceptable framerates. We are exploring the ability to output *mirrored* HDMI signals to two displays connected to one LFC, but for performance and technical reasons, we may not be able to ship this (but you can achieve the same thing with a relatively inexpensive HDMI splitter).

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