Outdoor Projection Setup

If you're planning on using your Lightform outdoors, there are some considerations to make as you prepare. This page has recommendations and tips to overcome obstacles and enable an outside projection mapping experience.


  1. Preparation
  2. How to power your Lightform device
  3. How to connect to your Lightform device
Please note:
Lightform is designed to be used in controlled environments.
  • Water Resistance: None (Use caution if operating outdoors)
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C - 30°C (32°F - 86°F) ambient conditions; Ensure proper ventilation around the device. Do not install in tightly enclosed spaces. Ambient Light: If you can clearly see the projected image, then the Lightform device can scan the object.


What you need:

  • Lightform device and cables
  • Laptop
  • Portable power source
  • Updated Lightform Creator Software
  • Updated Firmware on Lightform device

Nice to have:

How to power your Lightform device

It is essential to have a steady and reliable power source for your Lightform. Whether you power your projection from a mobile power bank, a power inverter, or a fuel-powered generator, sensitive electronic equipment will be most reliable, and best protected when operating off power sources with a pure sine wave output. Some battery-powered units have safeguards to prevent that output from being interrupted, but other units can damage your electronics when the remaining charge is too low. For the health of your equipment and the power bank, familiarize yourself with the chemistry of your battery and the manufacturers' discharge and cycling recommendations.

  1. Portable AC Power Banks

    The length of battery life depends on projector wattage and battery watt-hours. Price is largely linked to capacity so try to buy as many Watthours as your budget allows. https://www.goalzero.com/blog/what-is-a-watt-hour/

    Find projector wattage on the spec sheet, multiply volts by amps if not listed. Wattage will be highest on projector startup, then it will vary depending on the brightness settings of the projector, the brighter the picture the more watts the projector will draw. Turning your projector on Eco mode will give you more operating time off of a battery.

  2. Power Inverters

    Using a power inverter works the same way as a power bank, but the actual battery cell (usually a 12v deep cycle battery) is not included. These tend to be cheaper than a power bank, and you can wire multiple batteries together for more capacity. A standard automobile battery will work with a power inverter, but is not designed to go through many charge cycles, and will deteriorate with each use. Deep Cycle RV or Marine batteries, however, are designed for many more charge cycles and are a much better option.

  3. Electric Generators
    Electric generators are a tried and true option, but they come with added noise and exhaust fumes. Converting liquid fuel to AC power in a combustion engine means you will likely be able to produce electricity longer, but you’ll need to carry fuel to keep the party going.

How to connect to your Lightform device

It is likely that you won't have access to the internet outdoors, but Lightform devices can still be used outside.

Please note:
Update the Creator software and your Lightform device's firmware before setting up outdoors as you will not have access to the internet for downloading updates.
  1. Directly in Pairing Mode
    Enable Pairing Mode and join your Lightform device's Wi-Fi network on your computer. It should show up as an available device in Lightform Creator.
  2.  Router and ethernet (without internet)
    A router that is not connected to the internet can be used in the same way as a regular router. Follow the instructions on pairing via ethernet.
  3. Mobile Hotspot
    If you have a mobile hotspot available, you can pair your Lightform device over it.
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    David Hassan

    Are you able to confirm if the LFC supports PD 2.0 or 3.0, to automatically regulate the power coming from a power bank? This is common in USB-C power devices but I’m not sure the the LFC has the same capabilities.

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    Sean Servis

    Hi David, unfortunately, the LFC doesn't use USBPD natively, but you could use a PD trigger module like this one https://amzn.to/3eeWjka to make a custom power cable with a barrel connector to bring 12v from your power bank to the LFC barrel port.

    If you have a power bank to run your projector already and want to use the USB power because you are limited by the number of outlets, you can use a cube tap or power strip just like with a wall outlet.