Can I edit my scan images to improve contrast? How can I add content to scan images?

You can make any modifications you'd like to the scan images in your project. After you take a scan and save your project, just look for the images called "projector-color.jpg" and "projector-color1.jpg" in the project's "scans" folder. "projector-color" is what is shown when the Scan Brightness Slider is set to 0, "projector-color1" is what is shown when this slider is set to 1. The images are blended linearly when the slider is in between.

To edit the scan, just open one/both in your favorite image editor and save them when finished. Lightform Creator will automatically pick up the changes and re-load the images (if for some reason it does not, simply re-load the project). Below are a few examples for how this can be useful.

If the selection tools aren't working well, try adding contrast/edges to the scene. Here the user is making magic wand work much better by adding a single line to the scan image:


In this example, text is added to the scan image. This allows Lightform Creator's effects to interact with the added text, for example to trace the edges of the text:



This final example shows more advanced usage and *only works for 2D scenes* (posters, paintings, etc). This example is showing how to replace the main content in a scan with a higher resolution and higher quality image of the scene captured from a DSLR (could also work for phone cameras). In this video, the scan doesn't turn out perfect because of the glossy/reflective material on the poster. While tedious, by overlaying a higher quality image, you can manually fix these quality issues. Note that in the video, the user is viewing the image at half-opacity to make sure that it lines up perfectly with the underlying scan. This is critical, because if there is misalignment, the published result will also be misaligned.

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    Dave Klein

    The last example will be very useful to improve the quality of scans. Can't wait to try this out, should greatly improve the quality and speed of making selections for masks.

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    John Meehan


    Manual control of the camera exposure during the scan process could be of help.

    I've had instances where the darker of the two projector-color images was noisy, and the brighter one was blown out....