How do I export video of my project?


After you publish your project, all videos published to your Lightform device will be stored in the Lightform Creator temporary directory.


To find this directory in Creator:

  • Open the Application Settings/Preferences (cmd+, or ctrl+,)
  • Navigate to the Support tab and select the "..." next to the Temporary Directory to open it


Here, you'll find all of the published files from your current Creator session. Each slide is rendered as a separate video file.


Please note:

  • When you close Lightform Creator, the files in the Temporary Directory are removed so make sure Lightform Creator is still open when you retrieve the video files.
  • Live Effects will not be included in the video. This is because Live Effects are not rendered to video, they are rendered directly onto the device. If you'd like them included, you could unofficially use an HDMI Capture Card to record the video from the Lightform through the HDMI output, however, this would sacrifice the advantages of Lightform playback, content creation, and alignment features. 


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    Ryan Murray

    I found it under the preference tab. (Ctrl +) just zoomed in on my video.