How do I change my projector's resolution?

Note that changing your projector's resolution will cause any in-progress project or projects created at a different resolution to not render correctly until you switch back to the resolution the project was originally created at.

  1. Go to the Control Page within Lightform Creator and select your device.
  2. Look at the list under "Available Resolutions" and find the resolution you'd like to change to.
  3. Right click that resolution and press "Set Resolution to ..."
  4. The display should blank for a few seconds and update with the selected resolution. If it does not, or the display does not come back, this indicates that the resolution is likely unsupported by the Lightform device (if so, please feel free to submit an in-app bug report with the issue).


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    John Meehan

    Aha, here it is, thanks.   

    (Previous versions of LFC had a drop down rez  selector elsewhere if I remember... )