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Can I use the LF2/2+ as a normal projector with external video input?



  • How does this function work ? The remote has no function but power on/of + focus?

  • Agent

    To use this, you'd plug your video player into the LF2 via HDMI cable. However, at this time features like volume control and input switching are not guaranteed. 

  • Dennis Von Dutch

    Could there be an update to add more functions to also use it as a normal beamer?

    With an AppleTV 3 (1080p) it's very buggy. it works but:

    Sound is LOUD! Would be nice to use the remote for this (which is now very minimal)
    Lot of buttons without function.

    Would love to see keystone correction, this could be possible via a firmware update I guess..

  • Agent

    Hi Dennis, 

    Thank you for the feedback. I can definitely see how that would be useful. We get many requests and while we would love to address them all, our product team has a process to evaluate each. I have made sure to add this to their list. 

    In the meantime, could you tell me which priority you'd give to the following features?  

    - ability to adjust keystone

    - more flexibility with remote features (sound, input control) 

    - flipping / mirroring the projector image

  • Dennis Von Dutch

    Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply! 🙏🏼 

    Don't make it hard on me now.. 😉 I guess the above two would be much appreciated.

    adjusting keystone for playing content via my Apple TV would be great.. 
    Is this happens, it would be great the adjust the volume..

    And flipping/ mirroring not so, BUT! Using the LF2 what its build for, a would love to hang it on the ceiling, so a 180 degrees option, I guess the will be the first priority.. 

    I hope the product team has some extra time to handle all this 😋 

    Thanks in advance!

    In Lak'ech Ala K’in, Dennis.



    Hi. I would also like to comment and make a request for the ability to adjust the keystone and also perhaps how big the image is being displayed for an external video source.

  • Graham Mattock


    A similar request to use the HDMI input as a layer so it would be possible to use a live stream at the same time!

  • Tom Makin

    Following up from Ashley comment above. Sadly my LF2 is not getting the use I was hoping for given the Covid shutdown, but it would be great to also make use of it as a standard projector

    I think you have the order spot on in terms of priority

    1. ability to adjust keystone

    2. more flexibility with remote features (sound, input control) 

    3. flipping / mirroring the projector image


  • Pierre LHOEST

    No news ? very attende


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