Elgato Stream Deck - Trigger Epic Scenes

Published 02/20/2019

This tutorial requires a basic understanding of OSC protocol and commands that can be sent to control your Lightform device. We recommend reading the following articles to get familiarized with these concepts. 

I. Download the Companion application and setup your stream deck keys

To set up your stream deck keys and send OSC commands, you need to download the Companion application

Once you have installed and launched your application, you will be able to set your Stream Deck layout by clicking on each button and uploading relevant graphics (note: currently only PNG is supported within the companion app - animated gifs can be added using the StreamDeck native app).


Here is the result on the Stream deck device:


II. Create epic scenes with Creator

For this tutorial, we'll create a scene with three slides. Each slide featuring one of the characters


III. Trigger your scenes using OSC commands

To communicate with your device, you need to get its IP address. You can find this information next to HostName below your device name.


Create an OSC Instance within the Companion application. For this, Click on Instances, search for the  Generic OSC service and click on add


Add the connection parameters for your device: the IP address (previously found from Creator) and the Port Number (always 8000).


To locate the OSC Commands available for your current project, Click on edit OSC Mapping from the Control tab.


Go back to the Companion app and set each key to send an OSC command when pressed
In this tutorial, we will trigger a specific slide for each button pressed. As we have seen before, the command to trigger a specific slide is "/slide." The parameter for this command is a float and slide numbering starts at 0.0 i.e. 0.0 will trigger the first slide, 1.0 will trigger the second one and so on.

After you selected your key, click on "+Add Key down/ own action" and select the "OSC: Send float" option.




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    Joseph Labib

    Is there a way that I can connect it to the LFC after I Set the Buttons? I want to Use it in a design show and I want to have it connected to the LFC computer and not my mac!

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Stephen Hoffer

    I have the same desire. Last night I got my first few buttons set so I could move through slides...I just connected it straight into the stream deck and nothing. Maybe it can be brokered through a Raspberry pi?

    Hello Lightform/Stream Deck folks and ideas?

  • Comment actions Permalink
    Paul Wood

    You can not directly connect the Stream deck to the LF device, yet. And yes, apparently people do use a Raspberry Pi and Companion to control the LF device with the Stream Deck