How do I put my Lightform device into pairing mode?

If you are setting up your device for the first time, all you need to do is turn it on to get it to go into pairing mode. View the following article for more information on connecting your device for the first time. 


If the device has already connected to any other network successfully, it will not go into pairing mode automatically. 

See the instructions below for putting your device back into pairing mode. 

To put the device into pairing mode:

Important Note - To do this, you need to have updated your firmware. In addition, this will not work when you are connected to your device via ethernet.

        • LFC Kit: Tap the power button on the device three times quickly. Note - this will not work when you are connected to your device via ethernet.
        • LF2: Tap the 'back' button on your remote (top right) three times to enter pairing mode. 
        • LF1: Press the Pairing Button on the back of the LF1 (next to the power button)

If you do not have access to your device to do this manually,  you can also do this from inside Lightform Creator. 

          1. Connect your computer to the same wifi network as the device. 
          2. Open Lightform Creator and navigate to the Control page. 
          3. Select your device and then press the 'Enter Pairing Mode' button. 
          4. Return to the home menu and click 'Pair Device' to connect to another network.

If you have updated firmware, a cyan dot next to your device name on the test card will verify that the device is in Pairing Mode.



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