How do I put my Lightform device into pairing mode?

New devices that have never been switched on are automatically in Pairing Mode. If your Lightform device has been used before, follow the steps below to put it in Pairing Mode.

A Lightform device needs to be put in Pairing Mode when you are pairing via Wi-Fi to a new network or connecting to the Lightform device's Wi-Fi network (to use without internet). Putting your Lightform device in Pairing Mode is not required when connecting via ethernet.

How to get into Pairing Mode from Device

  • LFC Kit: Press the power button on the device three times quickly


  • LF2: Press the 'back' button on your remote three times to enter pairing mode.


  • LF1: Press the Pairing Button on the back of the device next to the Power button


How to get into Pairing Mode from Creator

If your Lightform device is already paired, you can put it into Pairing Mode from Creator


  1. Connect your computer to the same wifi network as the device. 
  2. Open Lightform Creator and navigate to the Control page. 
  3. Select your device and then press the 'Enter Pairing Mode' button.

How to tell if your Lightform device is in Pairing Mode

When the Lightform device is in Pairing Mode, it will display the Test Pattern and the circle next to the device name will be cyan.


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